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What is a Comprehensive Plan?


A Comprehensive Plan’s primary role is to establish the community’s vision for its future, to be directional about how to attain this vision, and to assign responsibilities for, and to prioritize, the specific actions that will be taken following completion of the plan. A Comprehensive Plan provides the venue for identifying:

The current state – take stock of the situation – What do you cherish? What are your issues/concerns about the future?

The desired state - what does the community want to be like in the future – what is its vision?

How does the community intend to get there?
According to state law, the plan may include a wide range of topics "at the level of detail adapted to the special requirements of the town..." Topics such as residential growth, economic development, land-use, infrastructure, transportation, open space conservation, recreation, and community character will be addressed in the Comprehensive Plan.

How does the Comprehensive Plan relate to zoning?
According to state law, “All land use regulations must be in accordance with a comprehensive plan adopted pursuant to this section.” Updating zoning and subdivision regulations is one of the most important tools communities in New York State have for ensuring that future growth contributes to achieving the community’s vision and goals described in the Plan. If needed, the Town of Colonie will revise its local land use regulations to be consistent with the plan.

What is the role of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC)?
The Town of Colonie has established an advisory committee to spearhead the Comprehensive Plan Update. The committee will draft and eventually recommend the Comprehensive Plan Update to the Town Board. The Town Board is ultimately responsible for deciding whether to adopt this policy document.

The Comprehensive Plan Update Committee consists of the following members:

Joe LaCivita
Paul Shepard
Christopher Dennis
Jessica Mahar
Peter Stuto
Michael Magguilli
Christine Cary
Robert Daggett
Laura Weed
Linda Murphy
Craig Shamilin
Jack Cunningham
Rebekah Kennedy
Gary Rinaldi







Land Use Map of the Town of Colonie